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In – country Representative – Medical Devices

In case the medical device manufacturers require more time to strike into the Vietnamese market, the administrative fees during market exploration and market demand assessment will reduce remarkablely if you choose to use Mednovum’s In-Country Representative service.

On behalf of ourselves, we will collect the product’s legal dossiers and register to Vietnamese Ministry of Health. We will be the legally responsible unit for the product during circulation in Vietnam.

This solution helps Canadian medical device manufacturers in many aspects and accelerates the market access of small and medium-scale medical device manufacturers, specifically as following:

  1. No need to set up any representative office/ company in Vietnam. The cost of maintaining and operating a local team just to have the legal status to register as a holder of the marketing authorization number, with Mednovum you will save this investment and your precious time;
  2. No need to depend on an appointed distributor to hold the marketing authorization number, thereby forming a de facto exclusive distribution relationship. Mednovum is an independent non-business consultant, so we avoid conflicts of interest with our clients;
  3. Mednovum is responsible for maintaining the compliance status of marketing authorization numbers and submitted dossier at all times, which will seamlessly accommodate changes in Vietnamese laws and engage business continuity;
  4. No need to find buyers to start the marketing authorization registration procedure. Mednovum will apply for a marketing authorization number in parallel with the time it takes for the manufacturers to find an importer. Hence, your products will be introduced to the market at least 2 to 6 months earlier.
    *Note: The waiting time for issuance of actual marketing authorization number depends on product risk classification.
  5. We also supports medical device manufacturers in the process of finding potential importers among the units that have the capacity to distribute; hence, the market development costs for small and medium-scale medical device manufacturers are thus optimized significantly.

All you need to do is contacting us so that together we can draw the path to Vietnam medical device market.

You need to consult, receive price quotation. Please contact us immediately via hotline. Consultants will give you the best service.

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