Setup Entity at Vietnam

Setup Entity at Vietnam

Investment License + Land Rental Service + Setup HR/ Labor Hire Service

1. Investment License

MedNovum’s unique strength comparing to our competitors is that we are able to provide an all-inclusive service. With MedNovum, all compliance and legal issues are supported.Among those, the first and most important step is the procedure of applying for an investment certificate for the whole project. For large-scale manufacturers are likely to establish companies in Vietnam to trade and/or manufacture medical devices. With Mednovum and our partners LexNovum Investment Lawyers, we are fully capable to deliver those specialized requirements.

2. Land Rental Service

Holding long-term land use rights in the context of continually changing land prices in Vietnam’s provinces and cities is one of the financial competitive edges; nonetheless, the cost is quite high and only frequently used by companies with strong financial basis. For those with limited financial resources, short-term annual payment of land use cost is often considered as a more feasible solution.With MedNovum, our consultants understand well about the industrial real estate market, project availability, project compatibility and each site’s emissions requirements. Thereby, we will always provide accurate orientational reports in accordance with the investor’s budget to find a suitable location.

3. Setup HR/ Labor Hire Service

Partnering with Mednovum in Vietnam, there are also a robust team of HR experts with many years of experience in developing manpower resources, hiring and training suitable personnel for highly demanding professions such as manufacturing and selling medical device. Wait no more! Reach out to us to build a reliable team of local experts, even a qualified local director, combined with experts from Canada to commence sales, importing and exporting.

Why Choose Us?

1. Investment License

The scope of works that MedNovum/LexNovum Lawyers support for your manufacturing and presence in Vietnam are:

  • Registration of investment projects on establishment of medical device distribution/manufacturing companies;
  • Registering for an e-commerce platform; proclaiming the establishment of a website to introduce medical devices;
  • Receiving transfer of shares or contributed capital of domestic medical device manufacturing factories;
  • OEM contract/ private label or outsourcing contract to hire the production service from local factories.

With the knowledge of tax, salary and preferential policies for the field of medical device manufacturing, we will provide relevant in-depth consultations appropriate with the specific insistence of each investment project. It should be known that projects using disadvantaged workers, locating in areas with difficult socio-economic conditions, and using advanced high technology will receive investment incentives in terms of corporate tax and land/infrastructure use costs.

2. Land rental service

Per requirements of the investor in finding the suitable location, Mednovum will provide the following services:

  • Provide assessment reports on industrial parks and their capacity, prices, fees and available infrastructure of each zone that are compatible with the investor’s rental criteria;
  • Represent investors to request official quotes according to the investor’s rental criteria in selected industrial parks;
  • Assist in arranging visits to selected industrial sites and site status consultations for pre-feasibility studies;
  • Assist in negotiating on rental fee, service fees and infrastructure between clients and industrial park agencies;
  • Assist in negotiating and adjusting land lease contracts and pursuing to obtain land use right certificates for the project.

3. Setup HR/ Labor hire service

Positions where we can assist in recruiting for Canadian businesses in Vietnam are:

  • Director/CEO
  • Chief accountant and accounting staff
  • HR Manager, HR officers, Rewards & benefits officer
  • Lawyers and legal experts whose major is compliance and registration for marketing authorization of internal medical device
  • Head of Sales and Marketing department for medical device and IVD

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