Technical document file

Technical Document File of Medical Devices

During the procedures of applying for marketing authorization code of medical devices, beside the documents approved by the Vietnamese Ministry of Health to use in English, most of them must be translated into Vietnamese.

Documents such as catalogs, instructions for use and technical documents of medical device cannot be translated by using online translation tools or regular language translators. Thousands of medical terms can only be translated by medical engineers and experts so that they can be used in the marketing and sales process. In addition, technical documents will be subject to the provision of the AMDD.

We have dedicated significant time on training and establishing a team of experts for this challenging field. Today, our specialists have acquired deep knowledge in many specific medical and technical fields. Documents which are prepared by our experts not only meet the strict requirements of the Ministry of Health but also minimize unnecessary delays or complaints during the assessment process and circulation approval.

Service fees towards documentation translation and compilation will be quoted based on the level of requirements of each work package and the deadline that the client may have from time to time.

Please send us your technical documentation and instructions for use along with your expected completion date, we confidently can deliver the most reasonable and competitive offer.

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