Market Research & Promotion Service

Market Research & Promotion Service

Researching the needs, trends and potentials of the healthcare sector in general and of each product line in specific is the crucial first step for any pioneering medical device manufacturer.

Vietnam market with a total population of more than 90 million and with increasingly diversified and specialized medicare needs is always amongst prioritized countries to invest, as compared to other South-East Asian ones.

Via a dedicated market intelligence team for medical devices and a highly reliable Vietnam import database, MedNovum will provide clients with an in-depth market research report, including all essential details for every product line that best suit our clients’ requirements.

Our report for each product line will include the following main contents:

  •  Market overview
  •  Market size
  •  Competitors
  •  Distributors

Furthermore, depending clients’ requirements and budget, we will conduct more in-depth analysis on demand.

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